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Nextra Group 

Our Vision

To be Australia’s first choice retail franchise operating in the newsagency environment 

Our Mission

To drive the benefits inherent in group strength to our customers, Nextra members. With an outstanding franchise system that holds distinctive competencies in the areas of marketing, product negotiations and business management, we aim to provide complete support to each individual member allowing and encouraging them to develop a strong and profitable retail outlet through becoming a first choice newsagency destination for consumers. 

Our Background

The result of the foresight of a group of entrepreneurial and experienced newsagents, Nextra Australia was established in 1995 . The purpose of the group was to manage the negative impacts and the market potential created by the then impending deregulation of the newsagency industry. 

Our Evolution

Over the last twelve years, Nextra has strategically worked to build a strong and recognizable brand. We are currently Australia’s premier franchise group operating in the retail newsagency environment. From an initial 16 members we now boast more than 150 outlets across the Nextra Group operating in five states and two territories throughout Australia. 

Our Future

Whilst continuing to improve and evolve our offer to the consumer, quite simply, our intention is have a Nextra store in every major retail precinct in Australia. 

Our Structure

We are essentially a marketing group. Our structure is one where independent business owners subscribe through a franchise agreement and fee structure to Nextra. In return we commit to developing and implementing marketing strategies, business systems and services designed ultimately to deliver superior profitability and educate franchise owners to achieve maximum potential as retailers. 

Members agree to adopt and implement these elements in their own store with training and support from our team.



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